Burleigh Social

Burleigh Social is a funky coffee shop in located at Number 2 Hibiscus St, Burleigh, literally just up the Road from another great cafe, Paddock. The owners have done a fantastic job of setting it up with great surroundings and really wonderful places to sit. Unfortunately, it was the one raining miserable day on the Gold Coast and Burleigh Social isn’t really set up for wet weather.

Burleigh Social 12

Check out their FACEBOOK PAGE to see all the yummy selections they have on offer.

Burleigh Social 6

It is the sort of venue that you need a lovely day to sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere, as you can see by the fantastic picture Tan has taken!

Burleigh Social 11

The food was great, it is in a good spot, coffee was fine, but you know how I feel about sitting in and drinking out of paper cups. Well I am not a fan. I don’t even mind that the food comes in paper, but I need real cutlery… as the bamboo just doesn’t cut it, literary! I think if I am going to pay $20 for food and coffee I should at least have really cutlery! So here is what we ordered.

I had the Paleo Breakfast at $15 which was full of delicious protein goodness. There was a generous serve of avocado, with sweet potato, tomato, kale, bacon and 2 poached eggs.

Burleigh Social 1

Sophia had the Big Vegan which looked really delicious and she said tasted wonderful, however the bamboo cutlery wouldn’t cut the bread. $12.90

Burleigh Social 2

Tanya had a Chocolate Croissant and thought it was delicious! $5.50

Burleigh Social

Now to the Coffee, because we know that this is where it is all at. When you get the perfect combination of amazing coffee and great food, it is like a match made in heaven.

I had my usual Piccolo which had good flavour, but liked a bit of substance. $3.50

Burleigh Social 4

Sophia had a flat white and said it was a good cup of coffee. $4.50

Burleigh Social 5

Tan had her usually large cappuccino. The reason why there is a moon shaped crater in her cut is that it came with the lid on? She said it was a good cup of coffee, but nothing spectacular $4.50

It was a bit cold, so we where looking forward to our coffees, but the food came first, which I don’t think has ever happened to us before.

Burleigh Social 3

I must say that the top ten team have been really spoilt trying some of the best coffee on the Gold Coast. The problem is that really there was nothing wrong with the coffee, it was great in fact. It just didn’t cut it against some of the single origins and blends we have had from other places.

Burleigh Social 8

They also have a lovely selection of flowers for sale in a cute little corner. I think that flowers in a cafe always look fantastic and the fact that you can buy them is even better!

Burleigh Social 10

It is just a wonderful thing when girls get together and converse and we really wanted to sit and stay for a while as the sign says, but it was just a miserable. We wanted to keep talking, but were starting to feel the chill of the weather so we walked down the road, ordered another coffee and something sweet from Paddock and sat inside the house that was warm from the wood fired bread oven. Enough said!

Don’t forget to pop on over to Tan’s Instagram. You know she is famous 🙂 But Seriously, she takes some amazing photos of the Gold Coast and makes all the coffee blog photos look amazing!


Our rating today

Drinks Food Service Atmosphere
Tanya 6 7 6 7
Sophia 6 8 7 7
Liz 6 8 6 7

Thanks for reading!


Liz xx

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