Well, not exactly 5000 only 75  🙂 I cater for people… its not a business, as I’m not set up for that, I just do it for friends, family and sometimes a few church events. I catered for a pastors lunch the other day and while the thought of cooking for 70 plus people would send most into a melt down, I am here to tell you, if you can cook for 5 then you can cook for 50 and if you can cook for 10 you can cook for 100. The most important thing is to plan. I must be truthful here and tell you, when I am catering I often wake up in the middle of the night thinking about cooking, food and the event. I always have a pen and paper (Old School) next to my bed so I can write anything down and try to go back to sleep. I have lists! Things to do the day before, things to do on the day of the event, shopping list, lists of things I have to take, menu lists, lists, lists, lists… I couldn’t do it without my lists.

Sweet Potato Salad

This sweet potato salad has a blog of its own!

I seem to do a lot of driving around getting particular things that I need for shopping, but this is part of the experience that I enjoy, especially if I find a good bargain.  You all know that I am new to this blogging experience (loving it by the way) and while I was in the middle of the catering job, my mantra was “don’t forget to take photo’s for the blog” “don’t forget to take photo’s for the blog” so what happened… I forgot to take photos for the blog. I have a few photos, of the salads but they are not from the event, but you can get the idea! 🙂

Brown Rice Salad

Organic Brown Rice Salad


Lentil Salad

Organic Lentil Salad

The Menu: BBQ Chicken, Double Smoked Ham, Mild Hungarian Salami, and Boiled Eggs as the main protein, Salads: Sweet Potato Salad (it has its own blog), Organic Brown Rice Salad, Organic Lentil Salad and Chang’s Asian Salad (the one off the back of the Chang’s Noodle Packet) is an old-fashioned Aussie BBQ favourite. I don’t have a picture of the salad but here is one of the noodle packets with the recipe on it, if you can read it 🙂 Also, I use peanut oil not olive oil as I think it tastes more Asian.

Changs Noodle Salad

An Aussie BBQ Favourite

There were so gourmet drinks supplied and as it’s always nice to have something a little sweet after a meal, I made a chocolate slice and a lemon slice and for the health conscious there were organic apples.

Chocolate slice

Chocolate Slice

Everyone enjoyed all the food and I had some wonderful feed back from some of the guys, who said it was the first time they had tried Lentil or Brown Rice Salad and that they really liked them, even coming back for seconds.

Organic Brown Rice Salad Ingredients

2 cups of Organic Brown Rice

2 ½ cups of water

1 large Red Onion

Juice of 2 Limes

1 Tin of Organic Kidney Beans

1 Punnet of Cherry Tomatoes

½ cup of Whole Egg Mayonnaise

2 Tablespoons of Sour Cream

1 Tablespoon of Grain Mustard

Salt and Pepper to Taste


Cooking Rice (the absorption method)

1. Put brown rice and water into a large pot and bring to the boil. Let the brown rice boil with the lid on for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

2. Turn off heat, remove the lid, place a folded tea towel over the saucepan and then put the lid back on. This will ensure that no steam escapes.

3. Leave off the heat for 20 minutes then remove lid and tea towel and allow rice to cool.

4. While rice is cooling: juice the limes and add to the finely chopped red onion; combine mayonnaise, sour cream and mustard and mix well; rinse kidney beans from the tin.

5. When Brown rice is cool (you may like to put it in the fridge if you are in a hurry) combine all ingredients and mix well. EASY!

6. Salt and pepper to taste.

I find that Brown rice is always better than white for this dish as it doesn’t tend to go gluggy.

I  hope you like this dish as much as I do!

Enjoy Irresponsibly!