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Well most of you know that I have been in hospital for a little bit of surgery 🙂 and while I was there, a lovely present was delivered from IMK Pro Colour Appliances. Fate would have it that I, in fact don’t own a toaster, because my last one died a horrible death and I don’t eat a lot of toast, so I haven’t really got around to getting another one! These IMK Pro Colour Appliances are affordable, stylish and designed to be used every day.

IMK Toaster

I best thing about this IMK Colour Toaster is that it was in my kitchen when I needed it the most! There is nothing like vegemite toast or honey on toast when you aren’t feeling the best… So I would crawl out of bed put on some toast and enjoy pretty much, the perfect toast.

IMK Toaster

Love my vegemite toast….!

Now I don’t say that lightly as all toast isn’t created equal! My last toaster only cooked on one side in the end, the difference between warm bread and cremated remains seemed to be somewhere between the numbers 2 and 3!

IMK Toaster

Very wide spaces so your large slices of sourdough or crumpets, don’t get stuck!

On the IMK Colour Toaster

Number 1 is basically warm bread, so good if you want warm bread!

Number 2 is kind of toast, but not really, it has a faint colour to the bread, so good for those of you who don’t know if you want toast or not!

Number 3 is the Goldilocks of toast… and believe it or not it was evenly toasted on BOTH sides, that was a bonus, so pretty much the perfect toast! Now I must confess I have only had about 1 loaf of bread toasted so far, but each slice has been just right!

Number 4 – 6 is for the die-hard toasters… you know the ones that like it more brown and black, then they let it go cold and spread butter on it… True toasters!

The IMK Colour Toaster cooked evenly and as you can see by the photo your second 2 pieces of toast can cook while the other stays warm. It has all the other normal features, but I did notice that the space for the toast was very large, so it would be excellent for those of your who bake your own bread and like nice large slices to toast. Also it is fantastic for crumpets and they don’t get caught and stuck in the toaster.

IMK Toaster

Cooking another 2 pieces while 2 stay warm!

IMK has a new colourful range of toaster, kettles, blenders and stick mixers… I asked for black so it would go with all my other appliances (which are black), but if you would like to check out the beautiful range then have to offer, please CLICK HERE for the IMK Pro Colour Website  or you might like to have a look then go a purchase from your local Spotlight store.

I hope you have enjoyed my little review of the great product and will pop over to their website… In the mean time I’m going to have some more toast with my yummy Lamb’s Fry and Bacon on it. I know that liver isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I need the extra iron after the operation!

Enjoy Irresponsibly!


Liz xx

This product is bought to you by Nuffnang and IMK Pro Colour Appliances.

While the Toasters was gifted for review, it is still an honest opinion of the tested product.

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