In My Kitchen is my delivery of lots of yummy organic spices from Gourmet Organic Herbs.

You can find them at  Gourmet Organic Herbs They were having a 40% off sale and so I think that I went a little overboard, but I use lots in my cooking. They have a very good range of organic herbs and spices as well as other organic products. I ordered them on Friday and I was using them Monday night! I had a little trouble with paying on their website, but they were so wonderful when I emailed that I bought even more! I even got a personal phone call, so I can recommend their customer service!  So keep an eye out in the coming weeks for some wonderful dishes utilising these great organic products.

In My Kitchen August

In My Kitchen this month are slices.

I have been making lots of slices. I thought that I would do a few, back to school slices for lunch boxes and things to help some of my friends out, but really it just gave me an excuse to make all my yummy slices for different reasons. (1kg was added during the last month, so I think that next month I will have to do salads! LOL)

chocolate slice

No it wasn’t me… I didn’t eat it before taking a photo!

1. I needed to bring morning tea, a few mornings, for the teachers at the school I was contracted at for two weeks. It helped with the mood of the staff room and it keeps them happy… Teachers are so under appreciated these days and a little food goes a long way. Above is my  CHOCOLATE SLICE it’s just good, simple, easy and an Old-Fashioned Favourite.

Lemon Slice Title

This humble little no bake lemon slice has got the most hits ever, on my blog… Who would have thought that in a world of foodies that not cooking is so popular? Here is the link if you would like the recipe! NO BAKE LEMON SLICE

2. I had to bake for a Woman’s Morning Tea and we all know that a nice slice is better than some store bought biscuits and cakes.

I made my date slice, but after posting it, someone asked if they could substitute something other than coconut as no one liked it in their family. I suggested Rolled Oats… So the next time I made it, I use oats and it was delicious. So now I can also make a date and oat slice for a bit of variety!

Date Slice Title

3. I have also been adjusting my well loved slice recipes for my new Thermomix and I’m just having so much fun it is hard to stop!

I made this for the first time in the Thermomix and it was fantastic, especially for the fact that it tempered Chocolate in only 4 minutes… so cool! The title of this slice is The Best Chocolate Caramel Slice Ever so maybe you should check it out and take the slice challenge 🙂

Finished chocolate caramel slice

Chocolate Caramel Slice

3. I had another lunch (only 80 this time) to cater for and it is always nice to have a little something sweet at the end so I made my Jelly Slice. Honestly we are all big kids at heart and there is nothing like a good bit a jelly to bring back all those wonderful childhood memories of making and eating jelly!

Jelly Slice

Too good to have just one!

This jelly slice has a story of its own, so if your interested, check out the recipe and blog. JELLY SLICE RECIPE. You never know it may break the no bake lemon slice for the most hits! 🙂

4. I needed to pack lunch every day for school, I haven’t had to do that for a long time so I decided to make my Zucchini slice.

This is a family recipe and it has just always been around, one of those go to things to make when we had too many eggs and needed to use them up. It freezes well so is perfect for lunch boxes. Check out the recipe if your interested, but you all probably have your own version of this classic 🙂 ZUCCHINI SLICE

Zucchini Slice

So that is my busy kitchen this month. I hope it made you smile and bought back some cooking memories. Thanks so much to Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting this great look into kitchens from all over the world. Don’t forget to click on the link and check out what is happening in all the other kitchens!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy Irresponsibly! (well at least the zucchini slice)

Liz x