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I just have to say it, the only thing I don’t like about IMK posting is it reminds me of how fast the year is going. I know it has been said many times before, but really when did we get to the last month of winter? Not that I am complaining, as the winter this year on the Gold Coast has been very mild with beautiful days. I am looking forward to some rain though, as the garden really needs it.

Don’t forget to pop on over to Celia’s Blog @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial  you will need to scroll through the comments this month to see the rest of the growing number of IMK posts that we all try to get around to every month. I just have to apologise as I have been very slack, but I have an excuse. I went to Melbourne for a holiday (I know in the middle of winter) but it was for a wonderful purpose, TO EAT.

So, In My Kitchen (on the fridge) are the keep sakes from my amazing dinner at “The Fat Duck, Melbourne” I keep looking at the lolly bag and think of all the amazing food that I ate that night.

IMK Heston

I also have many, many blogs to write about the most incredible time of eating in my life… At one stage I was in a food coma and just drank water for most of the day! If you would like to read about the amazingness which was a 17 Course Heston Blumenthal Meal then click on the links for an incredible ride.

The Fat Duck Melbourne Part 1

The Fat Duck Melbourne Part 2

So it seems that I have been just a little bit indulgent, as In My Kitchen are truffles…finally. I have been coveting all the posts with everyone’s truffles and I walked into my local market/deli and there they were, beautiful truffles all the way from Tasmania. They store them in the rice to keep the moisture at bay.

IMK Truffles

Yep $2000kg, but worth it, lucky they are light!

I have made steak with avocado and truffles.

IMK Truffle steak

Truffle Risotto.

IMK Truffle risotto

Potato sage and truffle ravioli with truffle butter.

IMK Truffle ravioli

I then use the left over risotto to make truffle arancini!

IMK Arancini Balls

and of course you need to see inside. I baked them in the oven rather than frying, so they are sort of low fat Arancini Balls… but not really!     IMK AranciniI have one small piece of truffle left and I’m not sure what to make. I really did enjoy the steak so I might have another and make some truffle mash to go with it! I think then that should be the end of my food indulgence for winter, EXCEPT…..??

In My Kitchen is an Apple Pie. I can’t remember how long it has been since I made one, but it was a request from my dad, and he loved it. The pastry was beautiful, flaky and light and the apple had the right balance of cinnamon and sugar.

IMK Apple Pie

In my kitchen is the paperwork for the recent OZ HARVEST “Think Eat Save”. This is a fantastic organisation that redistributes or “rescues” food that is going to be thrown out and gives it to charity organisations so the food isn’t wasted.

Oz Harvest Think, Eat, Save

On Monday 27th, all over Australia, Oz Harvest held a “Think Eat Save” free lunch, where food was provided to everyone for free and was made from ingredients that was going to be thrown away. I also managed to get interviewed by Channel 9 and was on the news that night. If you would like to have a read of the blog and this fantastic organisation. Click HERE if you want to read about my brush with fame.

And finally, in my kitchen, is some of the most beautiful Vanilla I have ever tasted. This sample was gifted to me by the lovely Sonne at Sunshine Vanilla. They are a Queensland company working with communities and farmers sourcing organically grown vanilla. They have free shipping, so pop onto their website HERE @Sunshine Vanilla and also be on the look out for some amazing vanilla recipes to come!


Thank you for having a look around my kitchen this month… I look forward to reading about all your adventures. I would love to know about your most amazing food experiences….Don’t forget to say hi, you know I love to hear from you…!

Enjoy Irresponsibly

Liz xx