IMK December 2015

You might have notice (or not) my absence the last 2 months… I was in hospital having some skin removal surgery because of the large amount of weight I lost… I can now say I have a flat stomach and a new belly button, it is a bit weird, but I am very pleased with the result.

IMK December 2015

This is my first mirror selfie, 2 weeks after surgery, still in hospital because I had drains in (you can just see them in the sink), but very happy with my flat tummy 🙂

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It look me longer to recover than expected hence no IMK for the last 2 months and I have been very slow to get back into blogging as I have been trying to be kind to myself and really recover… So apart from a skinnier me… this month In My Kitchen is:-

A new Toaster.

IMK Toaster

This toaster was a God send when I got out of hospital and just wanted Vegemite on toast. Read all about this fantastic new product HERE and its fortuitous arrival! It really cool that this range of kitchen ware is called IMK, so I think Celia has really started something 🙂

In My Kitchen is, a new frying pan.

Did you know that Australia doesn’t make ANY, yes ANY cookware??? It’s all imported, until now MJ Henry (Mark) decided to change that with his company Solid Teknics, now, it is sweeping Australia and the world. Do yourself a favour and check out his website.

IMK December 2015He makes the steel frying pans that you see here and they are fantastic. The extra long handle (with no rivets) stop the issue of the handle getting hot and allows for easy of cooking.

IMK December 2015

The pan isn’t completely black yet, but it is getting there!

He also makes an amazing range of cast iron products (which are all on my christmas wish list) and it is wonderful to have such a quality product being made right here in Australia!

IMK December 2015

I love that a little map of Australia (including Tasmania) is stamped out of each handle.

I was generously given this amazing piece of equipment by Mark when I meant him at the Good Food and Wine Festival in Queensland.


They go from silver to black when they are fully seasoned!

We chatted about his amazing product and when I told him I was a food blogger, he said here have one, and when you blog about it make sure you send me a link 🙂 Check out the website and have a browse around…  Solid Teknics Website and read his fantastic story, amazing product and a genuinely nice guy “done good” as we say in Aus!

In My Kitchen are truffle items and a haul from the good food and wine festival. Every year, Mum and I go to the good food and wine festival and just because I wasn’t fully recovered from surgery and still had one drain in didn’t stop us! I did have to sit down a lot and I look a bit pasty in most of the photos, but I made it through the day and still had a wonderful time!

IMK December 2015

I think I really should have been born Italian! As I just love all things truffle, and aged balsamic and good Olive Oil… but I did buy myself a big treat for next years truffle season…A TRUFFLE RAZOR… very excited to use it ASAP, but I will have to wait now 🙂

In My Kitchen are more cookbooks.

Ummm, I’m not putting any photos of how many extra cook books I have because it was the good food and wine festival and it has been 2 months since my last post. To be fair, I have received a few as apart of being a Thermomix Consultant. I must confess though, that I did buy The new River Cottage Australia Cook Book to get Paul to sign it! It was such a pleasure meeting him and having conversations. He really is just like you see on the TV, relax, laid back and genuine!

IMK December 2015

Mum and I with Paul

In My Kitchen is a mess from sewing curtains and making matching cushions for my boyfriends office. I don’t know what I was thinking when I offered my services, but out came all the equipment onto the kitchen table and it stayed a mess until it was completed!

IMK December 2015

and last but definitely not least In My Kitchen were flowers from my love 🙂


And yes He hand wrote the card… another thing I found out about him, was that he has beautiful penmanship and does calligraphy… My Nana would be pleased 🙂

I’m so glad to be back with the IMK Crew and I look forward to peaking into all you kitchen this month and excited for the amazing things that are going to happen in 2016!

Merry Christmas, I hope that you have a wonderful time with friends and or family this season, remembering the true meaning of Christmas and being thankful for all that we have.

Lots of Love from Liz xxx