In My Kitchen Jan 2105

Happy New Year! 2015 looks like it is going to bring lots of fun and surprises already! Don’t forget to pop on over to Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime CordialΒ and have a look at all the wonderful kitchens around the world!

In my kitchen is a brand new cheese board, it is made out of mango wood and has a lovely finish!

In My Kitchen Jan 2105

Yes it is almost the size of the table!

I decided after much tooing and froing that I was just going to make a cheese and fruit platter for Christmas lunch dessert, so I bought this gorgeous board from Wheel and Barrow. It is huge, but will be great for when I do catering for my friends and it was perfect for Christmas lunch…

In My Kitchen Jan 2105

I did get guilty and whipped up a pudding on Christmas eve, butΒ if you would like to read about what I did for Christmas see below. The board is so big it has to live in the spare room. πŸ™

In my kitchen is my Vanilla Essence… it is almost ready (well another 4 months) and I’m very excited as it is maturing well!

In My Kitchen Jan 2105

In my kitchen is chocolates, lots of chocolates… I don’t eat a lot of chocolate, it is going to take me a long time to eat all this, as I prefer cheese and bickies, but chocolate I have, so my New Year’s Diet is just going to have to wait!

In My Kitchen Jan 2105

In my kitchen is my new T2 iced tea infuser… It makes delicious iced tea, so now I can drink more tea when it is hot!


In my Kitchen is Bread, lots of bread….

Christmas 2014

Fresh white bread rolls for dad…!

2014 has become the year of bread, I look forward to making a lot more beautiful sourdough with “Penelope, daughter of Priscilla” in 2015 as well as lots of other bread! I plan to do some cheese making in 2015 so here goes to getting better at different skills.

Christmas 2014

Sun-dried Tomato and Olive Sourdough

And finally, in my kitchen is a photographer from the Gold Coast Bulletin…

In My Kitchen Jan 2105

They are doing a feature on my little old blog on Jan 13th… So who knows what is going to happen… it is a bit exciting to see other people love something that I am passionate about. So here is to a great start to 2015. I hope and pray that your New Year brings you all you hope and believe for.

Thanks for dropping by and saying hello!

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz xx

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