IMK July 2015In my Kitchen this month is a mess, it seems that every time I turned around I had more and more washing up and cleaning to do! I have been doing so much cooking that one day I just sat down in the middle of the floor and had a drink, as all the chairs had something on them.

So I have cooked for a church fundraiser, completed 3 different days of teaching people how to make dough in their Thermomix’s, I have been trying to get ahead with my mid week meals for my blog, so I can enjoy my holiday (Melbourne to have dinner at “The Fat Duck” 2 part blog series to follow) and have been cooking up a storm.Β I have also been developing some wonderful recipes using Maleny Dairies products and I have to say that their milk products are so great to work with. BREATHE!

In My Kitchen is this beautiful lead crystal bowl given to me by a friend, well actually, she asked me if it was ok to grow succulents in it and I responded with such horror that I think she felt guilty and said I could have it, oops, but now I have this beautiful bowl and I did tell her I would make something delicious to put in it.

IMK July 2015

In My Kitchen are these melts… I never use melts, but mum being so amazingly thoughtful saw them on special and bought them, thinking I would use them, so now I have to come up with some chocolate recipes… Ah Well. πŸ™‚

IMK July 2015

In My Kitchen are these beautiful flowers. I cooked a friend dinner and she bought them as a gift. I love flowers and I think it is always thoughtful to bring a gift for the host that is just for them and especially not to be consumed on the night.

IMK July 2015

In My Kitchen is butter, all sorts of different butter which I turn into different creations!

herb and garlic butter

Just one of the butters I made.

herb and garlic bread

Herb and garlic pull apart made with the butter.










In My Kitchen is fresh buttermilk as a result of all the butter making,Β so I decided to make this buttermilk tart that turned out beautifully. The recipe is HERE if your interested.

Buttermilk Tart

In My Kitchen is another cookbook. I know, I know, I keep saying that I’m not buying any more, but I received this one as a Thermomix consultant. It is by Lousie Fulton Keats, Margaret Fulton’s granddaughter new book, which she bought out as a normal cookbook as well as a Thermomix version. Β I have really enjoyed the recipes I have made. I have to say that the LAXATIVE, Prune and Date Brownies are my favourite so far!

IMK July 2015

There is a Thermomix Version you see here as well as a Non-Thermomix Version.

Don’t forget to pop on over the Celia’s Blog @ Fig Jam and Lime CordialΒ and check out all the amazing In My Kitchen Posts this month!

I hope you enjoyed the little look around my kitchen this month. I look forward to hearing from you as always and looking into all your kitchens as well!

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz xx


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