In My Kitchen June 2015Don’t you just love my In My Kitchen pic this month… This was the 5th incarnation of this wonderful dessert THE BEE STING. I finally got it right in the Thermomix and love, love it… it is so satisfying ย when you make something that really is delicious, and looks beautiful as well!

In My Kitchen June 2015

Bacon and Cheese Scrolls.

I am loving making lots of different types of breads at the moment, which was of course inspired by making my first sourdough (Thanks Celia). So in my kitchen is still lots of bread, scrolls, brioche etc… now I just have to try those sourdough pancakes.

In My Kitchen June 2015

Vegemite and Cheese Scrolls

I had my blog’s first birthday last month and now my In My Kitchen first birthday this month. That’s right I have 12 IMK’s under my belt… I had a bit of a look back through some of the post and all the recipes and things that I have made, purchased, tasted and photographed. It was fun and a great little trip down memory lane!

Well that is all good, but what has been happening in my kitchen this month? Well recently I catered for a camp of 40 people for the weekend and I thought I might treat myself to a few items. I forgot to take photos at the camp, which was a bit sad because it was so beautiful… not that I saw much… as for obvious reasons, I was in the kitchen!

In My Kitchen is a new cake plate, called Ruby. Well I haven’t named the cake plate… it just came in a box that said Ruby on it, so ruby cake plate it is ๐Ÿ™‚

In My Kitchen June 2015

I really needed a new cake plate as I broke my last one by leaning on it take a photo of something else… I found this beauty at Wheel and Barrow… I think I need to go back, as they had some other lovely looking sections, ย I will have to find spots for… I have now taken up a cupboard in the garage as well!

In my kitchen is a waterย container, it holds 10 litres and has this cute little tin stand.

In My Kitchen June 2015

I have been wanting to get one of these for a while now, but never got around to it. Catering for the camp it was really handy for people to get water when ever they wanted. I always kept it filled up with adding a few slices of fresh lemon as well and everyone loved having nice water on tap.

In My Kitchen is another new cookbook. I know I don’t have any more room, so this one is sitting on my kitchen table inspiring me to make something in it!

In My Kitchen June 2015

It was truly a find andย I can’t wait to get into this… I have a friend and we are going to cook one of the recipes in it. It has two, yes TWO pages of ingredients and takes 3 days to make so we are going to make that and one of the other recipes that only takes a day each over the three days! So look out for photos and blogs in the months to come with me covered in chocolate and flour! I think it will be called EXTREME BAKING as never in my life have I taken 3 days to make something.

My Slow cooker is out in my kitchen, it’s finally getting cooler here on the Gold Coast in the night time, but not really. I’ve already made two yummy dishes so far Slow Cooker Pea and Ham Soup and Lisaโ€™s Slow Cooked Honey, Lamb and White Beansย ย and there are a few more on the horizon… Don’t you just love that you can put things on and 8 hours later you come back and hey presto, dinner is done ๐Ÿ™‚

Lastly, in my kitchen, finally hung, is this canvas.

In My Kitchen June 2015

It is really difficult to take a photo and show the beauty of it. My friend Tan, who takes all the photos in my coffee blogs (she apart of the top ten team, where we try different coffee shops on the Gold Coast and I do reviews of them… not a bad gig). ย This is one of her Gold Coast landscape photos, she had it printed on canvas and gave it to me for my birthday… It was a lovely surprise and a beautifully thoughtful gift. I think it is always nicer to receive something that someone has put time and effort into make themselves, that’s why I always like give away things I make… as people really appreciate hand-made these days!

So just a quick one this month… I’m sure I will have a lot more to share next month! Don’t forget to pop into Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to check out all the other amazing IMK blogs this month!

And remember to enjoy irresponsibly, cause when you eat great food, YOU CAN!

Liz xx


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