In My Kitchen this month are spoils from the Good Food and Wine Show… Look out for its very own post of all the fun and antics I got up to meeting and cooking with some fantastic celebrity chefs.

Thank so much to CELIA @ FIG JAM AND LIME CORDIALΒ for hosting this fabulous look in to kitchens all over the world.

Good Food and WineIn My Kitchen is Cheese, Cheese and more Cheese! I love Cheese Alley and the wonderful selection of cheeses they have to offer. Obviously I can’t try them all, so I just pick the most interesting ones and try them. The stand out for me was theΒ BRUNY ISLAND CHEESE COMPANY Raw Milk Cheese… It is sublime and worth the $80,000 that went into the owner being able to make it in Australia. It use to be the only raw cheese made in Australia, but now Hindmarsh Valley Dairy is also making Raw Milk Cheese… which I think is fantastic! Bruny island has a cheese club and export all over Australia, which is great for me, so I don’t have to be without my raw milk cheese… πŸ™‚ Happy Liz.

The other amazing cheese, which I discovered a last years event was OLYMPUS HALLOUMI CHEESE. Apart from making my own, this is the best Halloumi I have every tasted. They are family owned company and make all their cheeses using time-honoured Cypriot methods. It has a thin sprinkling of Oregano when it is folded which adds a perfect note of flavour. This Halloumi cooks perfectly, but also taste great uncooked. It can be any where from $20 – $30 kg depending on which deli you purchase it from. At the Good Food and Wine Festival it is only $16 kg… so I bought 4 πŸ™‚

Of course I bought my favourite selection of Organic Cheese, which I can source from my local supermarkets and deli’s, but they are so much cheaper at the festival it is worth buying in bulk!

Good Food and Wine

The standout for me was the MYRTLEFORD BUTTER FACTORYΒ and their amazing range of butters… I purchased way to many, as I couldn’t decide and now I am looking forward to making delicious things with all my yummy butters, ghee’s and Creme Fraiche! They also have a refrigerated delivery service throughout Australia, so get on board and support this amazing product.

In My Kitchen

In my kitchen is this Macaron Pan, I was inspired after having a cooking Masterclass with Adriano Zumbo (Check out the BLOG if you are interested)Β I normally just use a flat tray, but this tray was on special at my favourite kitchen shop, so I got it and used it to make my GINGER KISSES.Β Β Check out the recipe they are really easy and have no nasties in them like the store bought ones. They turned out so good that I think I am only ever going to use this tray to make them… and I may just have to go and get another! (only God knows where I am going to put it, but it’s flat thanks goodness)

Ginger Kisses

And finally in my Kitchen are EGGS, lots of EGGS! Scrambled, Poached and Fried (the chickens names) are doing a fantastic job of laying 3 eggs a day… we even had our first 70g egg the other day and it was a double yolker… so they are getting bigger and bigger, both the chickens and the eggs!


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Enjoy Irresponsibly, because when you eat good food you can!

Liz x