Coffee Lott

The Lott Urban Dining and Espresso Bar. you can find this hip place at 4/217 Ron Penhaligan Way at Robina. They don’t have a website (that I can find) but they have lots of reviews on all the restaurant review websites if you care to look. Β It is tucked away near the Robina Tavern and was a surprising find!

Coffee Lott

Eggs Benedict with avocado with Sourdough (no bread fore me) $18

The beautiful Sophia was joining us again to sample the delicious delights of The Lott! Firstly I have to say the food was devine, beautifully presented with prompt service.

You might think that the food prices are a little high for a boutique cafe at the back of Robina, but the eggs are genuinely free range and the taste and presentation were first class. My eggs Benny was beautiful and with the addition of the Avocado, I found it hard to fit in my second coffee (yes I had a second, which give you an indication of what I am going to say about the coffee).

Coffee Lott

Smashed Avocado with Danish Feta and Sourdough. $12

You might think, like I did, that there really isn’t a lot of filling for those big pieces of bread, but it was surprisingly a large serve.

Coffee Lott

The bowl was a lot bigger than it looked

Tan and Sim both chose the Breakfast Bruschetta, however Tan didn’t have bacon on hers (she is not a fan).

Coffee Lott

Breakfast Bruschetta with poached free range eggs and bacon on a bed of tomato basil pesto and feta on sourdough. $16

I had a little bit of order envy when their Bruschetta came out (mostly because I really wanted bread) but my benny was so delicious, I forgot very quickly.

Coffee Lott

Breakfast Bruschetta $16

You can sit inside or out and the staff are very friendly and funny, our waiter was attentive, but not over the top. The thing that I really liked is when we had finished our plate were taken away promptly. There is a lot to be said for that sort of service, especially when we were sitting at a small table that was crowed with food and coffees.

Coffee Lott

They had a lovely selection of tasty takeaway treats as well, or a little something sweet with your coffee. We didn’t try any of these, as we decided to have breakfast, but we will be back for round two soon!

Coffee Lott

The inside is really well designed and has a wooden theme, that makes you feel like your in a really classy shed.
Coffee Lott

So now to the drinks. Sim said her Hot chocolate was nice, but not hot enough… I think maybe Tan takes too long to set up the photos, so by that time her Hot Chocolate gets a little cool. We will have to photograph Sim’s drink first next time.

Coffee Lott

Skim Milk Hot Chocolate $4

Tan enjoyed her full strength Muggaccino, rating it pretty high for her standards.

Coffee Lott

Muggaccino $4

Sophia loved her Flat White… I mean really does any one drink those anymore? But, it must have been good because she ummmed about giving it a 10.

Coffee Lott

Flat White $3.50

And then my piccolo, yum… I got a bit nostalgic, because if you didn’t notice, The Lott uses Campos coffee, which was my favourite coffee to drink in Sydney. So I ended up having two because I enjoyed it so much. Even though Campos is a great coffee, you can still stuff it up without a good barista, so it was nice to taste the lovely smooth roast that is Campos.

Coffee Lott20150331_094232_1_resized

Piccolo $3.50

If you live in or near Robina… you need to go to this great cafe. It is a great reason to support the hipster coffee movement, because the Gold Coast is finally getting great coffee shops that care about the coffee they serve.

Coffee Lott

What is your faviourite type of coffee? Can you live without it? What is the lowest you have stooped to get your caffeine fix?

Thanks so much for reading… I really do love it when you leave me a message.

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz xx


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