As the tittle suggests, this is not my typical Mid Week Meal Post!

I know you have all probably thought it about food bloggers and people you know who are really good cooks, thinking to yourself, I wonder if they make stuff and it doesn’t taste good, or their kids hate it, or if they have disasters or there husband asks “what is this” in a not so nice sort of a way… Well…. This week in my kitchen I was trying to do my usual Mid Week Meal (I’m a bit behind) and I had not one, but two, yes TWO disasters! It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, boy do I do it right… kind of like, I never get sick, but when I do, it’s Pneumonia or appendicitis with 40 degree temperatures. When I do something well I do It very well, when it’s bad… it is truly BAD! I’m not really a half measure sort of girl!


Looks ok!

First I defrosted some pasta sauce from the freezer (generally always have some there) only to find out that it was just tomato… (no meat) I had not labeled it properly (first rule of freezing)! I should have just stopped there and waited till the morning to get something else, but no I soldiered on! I  then poured it over some cooked pasta and had a light bulb moment! I will get some chicken sausages and pull the meat out of them and make meat balls and it will be Chicken Meatball Pasta Bake! That sounded like a good Mid Week Meal (IN MY HEAD)!


Do you like how I left the sausage in the shot to show you that I actually used sausage meat! Disaster! Not only bad day in the kitchen, bad day with the photos (I am literally laughing as I proof read this blog).

I then though I’ll make some white sauce (because everything is better with white sauce) pour it through and sprinkle cheese on top. I then baked it in the oven till the cheese was melted and starting to go brown…!


Looks can be deceiving!

Probably disaster is not quiet the word… it looks ok, but the taste is average. I think because the sausage meat balls didn’t cook in the tomato sauce the whole thing was a bit bland… even the white sauce and cheese couldn’t really save it.

One disaster down, one to go!

THEN I made this really nice Mongolian lamb marinade that is in the new Thermomix Basic Cookbook and thought it would be nice over a whole leg of lamb cooked in the slow cooker… I thought wrong!


Looks good to start with…All disasters do!

The sauce was still wonderful, but the lamb was dry and tough.


I though just like pork it would fall apart, but obviously not… ! Anyway… I’m happy with the taste of the sauce and will continue using the back strap (very expensive cut of meat) when I make it! The thing is I was really hoping it would turn out… But sometimes, I just have bad days in the kitchen and this was a bad day!


You can see by the horrible photo that nothing could make it look nice, even though the sauce was yummy, it looks like some sort of chocolate mound and the photo is horrific! If I wasn’t laughing so much I would be crying! LOL!

Fortunately I redeemed myself the next night by making a stella honey, soy chicken dish as well as a yummy potato bake for my bible study group! LUCKY!

So I was wondering if you could all make me feel a bit better, by telling me a few of your cooking disasters… maybe we could have a laugh together!

Enjoy Irresponsibly! Because even good cooks have bad days in the kitchen!

Liz xx