Monday Musings - ExerciseI have just come back from a personal training session… I wonder why it is called a session? All the other sessions I do are fun and involved things that make me happy, like a shopping session, coffee session, drinking session, hangout session but a training session??

Don’t get me wrong my trainer Bec from Body by Bec (Check out her Facebook page) is fantastic… she pushes me until I can’t go any more and makes me sweat in places that I didn’t think had sweat glands. She doesn’t mind if I threaten her with bodily harm, or tell her “I hate you right now”, she just smiles, most of the time laughs and tells me “push through”, “you can do this,” “you are strong,” this is a light weight.” Well EXCUSE ME I don’t want to push through, I can’t do this, I’m feeling weak and it isn’t bloody light weight, by the time I’ve done 15 repetitions “reps” of the bastards, it feels pretty darn heavy.. (sorry for the swearing, but exercise does that to me) AND here is the kicker…. I pay her to put me through that sort of torture!

Monday Musings - Exercise

The Torture Chamber!


Why would anyone do this willingly to their body? Because dear reader, I want to get fitter, I have another 20kg to loose on my weight loss journey and I’m at the point where I need help and motivation… You see I have lost 70kg so far over the last 6 years in my weight lost journey, I tried many different and varied ways to shift the weight, but this last 20kg seems to be the hardest, so I enlisted some extra help.

Monday Musings - Exercise

Just a bit of a before and after.

Honestly, I can’t remember a time when I have liked exercise… wait… No, I’ve never liked it. I don’t park my car at the furthest point in the card park so I have an extra walk to the shops. I don’t take the stairs, I would rather saunter along the beach and enjoy the sun, sand and surf than power down the beach, not really seeing or enjoying anything. Of course still do exercise, and I even have a tread mill, and I’m always up for a walk with some of my girl friends, which generally ends with coffee and breakfast, total negating the calories I have just burned up! Seriously, how can it be good for you when the next day you can’t even sit on the toilet without aid or walk down stairs! It just isn’t natural!

I know that some people like exercise, like the serotonin rush that comes after, but it still doesn’t do it for me! SO I’m just going to have to keep pushing, keep working at enjoying life and fitting in that bit of exercise so that my body doesn’t fall apart too soon! Really do any of you out there like exercise??? REALLY TRULY????


The competition part, is just a bit of self promotion… Here in the Gold Coast/Brisbane area I have a service that I offer, where I go into people’s homes, help them with meal plans, organisation of kitchens, fridges, freezers, and cook some meals, go shopping for the best produce etc. Generally help them to save money each week on their food bills. I am giving away ME for the day… to do what ever you like in the organisational side regarding food. If you want me to come and organise your fridge and pantry, help you with meal plans and shopping, then that is what I will do. If you want me to come and cook and put lots of food in the freezer, then I will come and do that.

What do you have to do to win the fabulous prize of a day date with Mother Hubbard (AKA Liz)?

1. Like my Facebook page, go onto it and tag a few friends so they like it too.

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Facebook Page

2. You need to then go and comment on one of the hundreds of recipes on my blog.

That’s it, so easy, anyone can do it! Unfortunately since I live in Queensland, it is only open the Gold Coast/Brisbane/Sunshine Coast residence…. but If I’m going down to Sydney/Melbourne at any stage I will run it again!

So what do you think of exercise? Are you a lover or a hater?

Thanks for reading and Enjoy Irresponsibly! (I’m not sure how that relates to exercise and this post, but it my catch phrase, so think of it as you may!)

Liz xx


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