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I have had this little revelation about shoes (and handbags for that matter) for quite some time now and I am ready to share it with the world… well, everyone who reads my blog.

Personally I love shoes and would own a million pairs if I could get them to fit (I will address this later) but if shoes are not your thing then maybe handbags? or jewellery? or could it possible be all three my dear friend???

Anyway here is my revelation. The reason women (in particular) love shoes (and handbags and jewellery) is that no matter what size they are… they still fit!

Monday Musings - Shoes

All Dressed with my hair done thanks to my beautiful friend Rebecca, (see the shoes) NO MAKE-UP YET!

I have had a beautiful pair of Italian leather shoes that cost $450 and for over 10 years they continue to be as beautiful as the day I bought them (I have had them re heeled and re soled). While owning them, I have been a myriad of dress/body sizes, from as large as a 26 and as small as a 16 and these beautiful darlings never judge me, they just continued to slip onto my feet every winter, still fitting and look great. They are faithful, they don’t bitch and moan about the size of my bottom or thighs, they just do their job without wingeing or complaining.

Monday Musings - Shoes

My handsome date, Mr Normal

It really doesn’t matter if we get fat, get thinner, or anything in-between while we are on the dieting merry go round, generally out feet stay them same. So those shoes (handbags and jewellery) that we invest in, still fit us. Even when we are feeling a little be podgy, those gorgeous shoes make us feel like million dollars. I do admit that sometimes we judge our shoes according to our size, as often our weight does make US choose different shoes to wear that are more “comfortable” or “easy” or “smaller heal” but you never hear our wonderful shoes (handbags and jewellery) complaining about the weight we have put on or calling us easier to wear!

So the reason for this musing on my favourite day of the week (not really, but I don’t want to be dayist) is a wedding and the desperate hunt that can only come, when looking for the perfect pair of shoes!

You see, I have a size 12 foot… yes you read that right, unfortunately it isn’t a typo. I do take a size 12 shoe. When I was younger, I had to wear boys sneakers and thank God for school shoes! While everyone was complaining about having to wear these hideous pieces of foot wear, I was personally glad, because I could get the boys version to fit me and nobody knew that if I had to wear other shoes to school, it would have been my dads thongs or I would have had to go barefoot.

Then thank God for Angels…. yes Angels – “shoes for hard to fit feet” they were in Brisbane and where my saving grace in my teenage years, as this store allowed me to purchase my very first pair of size 12 high heels. I know I’m 6 foot tall (183cm) why do I need high heels? Well every girl deserves a beautiful pair of shoes. Then I moved to Sydney and Longline helped me through my shoe drought, although they were very expensive! (hence the $450 Italian godesses) Then thank goodness for the most amazing affordable shoe store in Collaroy, Generous Soles (Northern Beaches of Sydney) that finally fed my shoe addiction, being able to buy many divine amazing pairs of shoes. They were so wonderful and I raved about them so much, friends started to buy me shoe vouches from the store to feed my addiction!

Monday Musings - Shoes

The Beautiful Bride

As you can see, I have always found it difficult to buy shoes, so why now am I having this musing about shoes and sharing my incredible revelation! As I have said, a Wedding! One of my beautiful girlfriends got married and I had to sing. I had the most beautiful dress and a very handsome date for the night, but no shoes. It wasn’t until the hen’s night that someone told me of a shoe store in Hawthorn (Brisbane) had opened, up starting at a size 10! THAT IS RIGHT, STARTING… AT… A… SIZE 10. The Shoe Garden. Oh the shoe garden is Liz heaven for shoes. I tried on 11 pairs of shoes and they are all wonderful, but I ended up choosing this beautiful pair for the wedding that went perfectly with my dress. I literally cried when I walked into the store and hugged the owner as I left.

Monday Musings - Shoes

In conclusion, remember to take some time out of your day today to say thank you to your humble shoes, the ever present, non judging piece of clothing that carries you all day, walks on all sorts of things throughout the day and still comfortably (well sometimes) hug your feet.










Liz xx

PS. I can not finish this musing without adding that shoes, in their own way, get back at us sometimes for not appreciating them enough and we all have had blisters to prove it!