When I say “My Local” many of you would be thinking about a beverage establishment that serves alcohol.  Well I don’t drink a lot, but when I do I’m usually at home or at friends houses. So my local is Chocolatto. I know that the name suggests that this is a chocolate shop and that is true, they have the yummiest selections of chocolates, but they also make great Campos coffee. My usual is Decaf Soy if I’m having a takeaway and Campos use the Swiss Water Filtered method to remove most of the caffeine from their coffee, or I have an iced coffee if I’m sitting in. I just like to mix up my coffee selections, because I can!


It Makes So Yummy Goodness


Sweet Honey Ginger Biscuts











Every coffee gets this little tasty sweet mouthful of honey ginger goodness to accompany and just adds to the overall enjoyment of your coffee.


Mmm Campos

They have a great selection of food that comes well presented and always has a smudge or chocolate on it somewhere. My favourite would have to be the breakfast crepe


Breakfast Crepe – Bacon, Egg, Cheese

I have spent many a day in my favourite spot on the couch indexing my delicious magazines, getting my website up and going and writing my blogs in this café. The best part about it being my local is everyone knows me and knows my coffee and when it’s not too busy my coffee is almost made buy the time I walk into the shop when they see me in the car park.


My Favourite Spot


Iced Coffee – but it has coverture chocolate in!


Yummy at any angle and yes those are chocolate shavings on top!










So find yourself a local, find your spot, be friendly and when you get to know the staff the coffee will always taste better because it was made with love especially for you! If you live on the Gold Coast Check out this new website Trendy Gold Coast that is exploring and promoting Culture on the Gold Coast