The Top Ten Team has been on a little break as Tan and Sim have both been on holidays. Good for them, I have been stuck in the daily grind of having coffee by myself or hanging out with other friends, cooking and writing up blogs. It’s a hard life but someone has to live it!

I tasked Sim with finding our next cafe to rate and OH DID SHE DO A GOOD JOB!!! Wow… it has got to be the best cafe we have been to for, well…. everything.


Vivre’ is an Organic Bakery and Cafe has only been open for 6 months. You can find this little gem @ 2364 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach. Due to popular demand they are now open 7 days a week till 3pm.

The cafe has been beautifully designed and you can see the love and care that Lara Forsyth-Madden (the owner) has taken with every detail of the bakery and cafe, from the beautifully presented glassware to the knives that have “spread the love” engraved on them! Have a look at their website Vivre’ A Vie which is equally inspiring.


Me and the gorgeous Lara

Vivre a Vie basically means live life! Oh and what a lovely place it would be to live. It has an expansive backyard and Tan, Sim and I sat for an extra long time as it felt like we where wiling away the hours in our own back yard. It even includes an organic garden, over flowing with fruit and vegetables that they use everyday.


It was busy, but never felt it and all the staff were attentive and friendly. We loved it so much we even got takeaways so we could try more things that we could fit in! If you have any sort of food issues, this is the place to go… raw, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, but definitely not flavour free. For those of us that don’t have dietary issues, there is an equally impressive array of food.


The Usual suspects, Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino and Iced Latte

So our usual order stands, however Tan would like me to mention that she has now gone to full strength coffee! Everyone loves the drinks as much as the food. The Vivre’ a Vie coffee blend is made and roasted to accompany coffee with milk and Lara suggested that next time I get a piccolo as that is how she enjoys her coffee.


Honestly you could not do justice to just one visit. Sim and Tan both ordered this sourdough donut with lemon custard pumped into it, amazing!


(I know, because I took one as a takeaway for afternoon tea, I also took a salted caramel one as well so shared them with mum and we had half each). I ordered the New York  Style toasted Bagel with feta infused Avocado & Lemon and it was so delicious.


I also decide to get a take home (frozen, uncooked) Beef + Caramelised Onion Sausage Roll and Chicken + Sage + Cheese Sausage Roll to try at some stage (as I am trying out lots of different sausage rolls to develop my favourite one for the blog).


If you live on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern Rivers or are just visiting on holidays, I would have to say that this is a must stop! Great Coffee, wonderful food,  fantastic staff and an atmosphere that makes you feel at home, so you honestly don’t want to leave!


I thought it appropriate that since this Cafe/bakery mean live life,  I’m going to get a bit serious… While Tan, Sim and I love meeting and having fun enjoying the Gold Coast Cafe scene, we had a very deep and meaningful conversation as a part of our catch up over coffee. We talked about mental health and depression and how it has effected our lives, whether it be us, or people that we know. I just wanted to say that even though it seems like life is wonderful, flitting about drinking coffee and eating wonderful food at cafe’s. It is important to note that sometimes life isn’t about that! The most important thing about having coffee and cake for me is that I get to spend time with my beautiful friends. People who I love and people who love me. We talk, we listen, we share what is really going on in our lives and are real with eat other! I am so very thankful that I have people like that in my world. You need people like that in your world! You need A TOP TEN TEAM! Find one and cherish it… it is so important. If you don’t and you are struggling in life, please contact professional help!  I am inspired by an amazing man, Glen Gerreyn who has started a campaign for suicide prevention. Check out the website THE ROAR EFFECT.

hope roars

If you need help or would like to help, check out this website, because life is short enough, without it being cut short.


Thanks for reading… you know that I love it when you leave a comment, so please do as I will always respond!

Enjoy Irresponsibly!

Liz x